Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Alsterwasser - Is it swamp water? Nah, it is my Americanized version of Alsterwasser

When Ingo and I last were in Germany last he introduced me to a local drink.  It is a mix of Pils and Limon Brause.  Roughly translated, limonbrause is sparkling lemonade.  The closest we can find here is Sprite.  Make sure the Sprite is cold and just basically pour it together 50/50 and enjoy.  This is a delightfully refreshing beverage to have on a hot Summer day.  Ingo and I especially enjoy this with a really good Pils.


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  1. The correct recipe for Alsterwasser is like this:

    part beer - your choice which beer and how much
    part lemon based soda - your choice and how much (in Germany they use Fanta)

    beer and lemon soda should be really cold!

    add first the lemon soda and get as many bubbles out as possible before adding the beer.

    This drink is perfect when it is hot outside.