Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Homemade bread or Thou shall not live by bread alone

Let me start by saying I am usually not a bread kind of girl. Hubby; however, goes through a loaf of bread as quickly as I go through water and that's saying something. Since Ingo is European he is a bit of a bread snob. He will gladly tell you how as a young boy he would ride his bike to the bakery daily to bring home fresh bread for family meals. Now that I have had that kind of bread I understand why he is picky. Since then I have been on the prowl for a simple yet tasty bread recipe. I am not a "kneady" person so it had to be easy. What I found was so easy.

Can you smell it?!  Omigosh, it completely permeated the entire house and I came rather close to drooling.  We went through an entire mini-loaf in one evening.  It had an amazing crust, chewy texture and was dense and fluffy at the same time.  I opted for no butter as it was delightful completely by itself. 

Even better, the dough yields enough to make a few loaves.  Bonus!  Now I just have to be careful not to let it go straight from my lips onto my hips.

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